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F-one Rocket Surf


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Specifically designed for surf-foiling, the Rocket surf range has all you need to make the most of your foil.

  • Specifically designed for surf-foiling
  • Easy take-off and high performance during flight
  • Twin-tracks setup

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Once in the air, shorter board length translates directly into more maneuverability and a more efficient pumping. However you still need enough volume to take the waves, so we have placed maximum volume under the chest in order to provide an easy paddling and take-off. The round outline allows an even volume distribution on a very compact board which brings stability both in the water and in the air.

The board is easily maneuverable thanks to its compact shape and narrow tail. The distinctive kick-tail and pronounced double concave provide an easy release, even if the board touches the water while flying.

We have designed a concave deck to lower the center of gravity and bring the feet closer to the foil, it allows a better board control once in the air. It also helps passing your knees and feet while taking-off.

Rockets are built with a light and tough bamboo sandwich laminate around a lightweight EPS core, thereby achieving a great resistance to weight ratio and a great performance while riding and pumping around.

We use very thin pads in order to respect the shape at most. The boards come with a tail pad, while a front pad is included as an accessory which can be fitted on or not, depending on personal preferences.

All boards are fitted with a US track system to accommodate any foil with a 4-bolt top plate.

Size Dimensions Vol. (L) Weight (kg)**
3’1 118 x 47 cm 3’10’’ x 18.5’’ 24 2.2
4’2 128 x 48.5 cm 4’2’’ x 19’ 28 2.4
4’6 138 x 49.5 cm 4’6’’ x 19.5’’ 33 2.6
5’0 152 x 51 cm 5’0’’ x 20’’ 38 2.9
5’6 167,5 x 52 cm 5’6’’ x 21’’ 43 3.4
4’2 * 128 x 48.5 cm 4’2’’ x 19’’ 28 2.4
4’6 * 138 x 49.5 cm 4’6’’ x 19.5’’ 33 2.6

*straps inserts

**indicative value, subject to small variations due to the custom manufacturing process.

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F-one Rocket Surf

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