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Ozone Fusion wing

Vanaf: 1.589,00

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Preorder deze wing voor snelle levering
Preorder deze wing voor snelle levering
Preorder deze wing voor snelle levering
Preorder deze wing voor snelle levering
Preorder deze wing voor snelle levering

The Ozone Fusion brings a new realm of wingfoiling… opening up new freedom to ride smaller foils as it naturally delivers far higher flying speeds to solid riders, also allowing them to rip along at previously impossible angles up and downwind. Not to mention the dynamic jump and flight potential.

Tailored to riders seeking higher speeds, dynamic jump and flight potential along with previously impossible angles up and downwind.

Full double surface design with ram-air technology

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The Ozone Fusion wing is designed around the high-performance platform of the Flux, including the pre-loaded leading edge, which is made with a lightweight, stiff performance dacron and experiences drastically less deformation in strong conditions.

The Ozone Fusion’s 100% double surface ram air design creates an enclosed high pressure space between the entire upper and lower surfaces. The internal rib structure supports both sail layers and helps the wing smoothly deal with dynamic pressure differentials when the wing’s angle-of-attack changes.


A dramatic reduction in drag…

When the air travels over a wing it splits at the stagnation point on the leading edge. While the air that runs along the top surface has a clean and continuous surface to follow, the airflow on the bottom of a single surface wing creates vortices behind the leading edge. This turbulent underside flow creates drag which reduces performance.

A hot knife through butter…

The Ozone Fusion’s design has unlocked enormous performance potential. Producing more lift, while reducing drag, means performance gains have moved in bigger steps and these improvements are revealed in far more areas than just locked-in, straight line speed.

All performance areas are improved by the fact that the ride is incredibly smooth and predictable. The double surface absorbs gusty winds with unrecognisable ease and the wing generates so much more power with less need to sheet in hard. The double surface is less susceptible to luffing, so you can hold more wind and power than a single surface design while riding closer to the wind, which means you can go faster with incredible control.

On the water, you can feel truly free on the Ozone Fusion. Explore greater distances in less time while taking corners faster and tighter than you’ve ever experienced.

Tested by the best… “It feels like a hot knife through butter.” – Johnny Heineken.



Who is it for?

The Ozone Fusion Wing is for riders that are proficient at tacking and gybing, sending and landing airs confidently and who generally don’t crash very often. It is for those who are ready to experience a new realm of winging where previously unreachable performance is now achievable.

Does it need a different riding technique?

As the wing carries more inertia due to the volume of air inside the wing, it does handle a bit differently to a single surface wing, but once you’re dialled in, the added benefits of increased range, power and previously impossible riding angles are undeniable.

Only subtle changes to your technique are needed to get in tune and start feeling performance gains.

The simplest rule to keep in mind is: just let the wing fly!

Initially, you need to become less reliant on cranking the rear handle for power. The more you crank the rear handle, the less you’re letting it fly, so we advise ensuring you’re well powered up for your first sessions. You’ll soon find you have more power without needing to sheet in as hard.

Is it heavy?

No. In fact the Ozone Fusion 5m weighs just 100 grams more than our Flux 5m wing!

The Ozone Fusion has a unique internal structure and uses more material than our single surface wings, but all our wings are always born as light as possible, thanks to high quality material placements and the expert sewing techniques developed in our factory.

Does it take on water?

The air intakes have been optimally designed to allow air in while preventing water entry. In the event that water enters the wing, there are four drainage holes located at the trailing edge; two near the strut and two at the wingtips.

Can it be repaired?

Yes it can. Although repairing damaged sail cloth can be more complex and take longer than for a single surface wing, all seams can be accessed and the internal ribs are also not attached to the leading edge.

Zips next to the inflation valves on the leading edge and strut also allow for easy bladder replacement. More details to follow.

Is it for me?

If you are an experienced and solid rider who knows how to handle a wing carefully and is looking for max speed, radical riding angles, overhead drive and the sensation of riding a precision aerofoil, you have to check it out!

While it is possible to ride and enjoy the ozone Fusion on an intermediate, mid-size front foil wing, the Ozone Fusion opens up a new freedom to play with smaller, faster foils and these are key to unlocking the wing’s real potential.

To access all the performance potential the Ozone Fusion has to offer, we recommend using higher performance foils such as the MA800 or other race foils.

Simply put, the faster you go the more performance advantages come alive!


Light up every session with untold potential… This is the new realm of wingfoiling and it will keep you wanting more..


  • The superior efficiency of the 100% double surface design along with the culmination of all features on the Ozone Fusion wing elevate every element of the riding experience
  • Engaged flying feel – this is an aerofoil like nothing you’ve laid your hands on!
  • This wing is capable of exceptional upwind and downwind trajectories. As a result it provides unmatched racing performance
  • High speed translates into remarkable elevation and airtime that has to be experienced to be believed
  • The stiff airframe combined with the pressurised, no-flutter sail gives a smooth ride that’s further accentuated by the carbon handles
  • Super smooth power management that becomes more and more potent
  • While it’s more demanding to get going, especially in light wind conditions, the benefits of efficiency vastly outweigh the negatives
  • You’ll get faster. Due to the reduced drag the wing keeps delivering more power the faster you go


  • High-aspect-ratio design with swept leading edge planform
  • Reduced drag due to additional entire lower surface with profile ribs sewn between both layers
  • Pre-loaded leading edge with optimised sail shaping for a tighter canopy
  • Reduced span in the larger sizes to keep wing tips from interfering with water surface
  • Ergonomically angled, rigid carbon handles with EVA grip
  • Soft bumper on front handle mount to protect your board and head
  • Knuckle-guard on leading edge with de-power handle

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Ozone Fusion wing

Vanaf: 1.589,00