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Wingcation: Costa Teguise – Lanzarote

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We were looking for our first family destination that also had wind and summer conditions at the end of november. We found it only 4 hours away from the Netherlands. 1 week, wind everyday and lots of family fun!

After our first wingcation to Costa Rica in 2019 we had this beautiful plan to have many more! Almost 2 years later we finally have a new chapter to add to these ‘series’. However, ‘us’ is now the 3 off us. And with this little change, we first had to try a little wingcation. So what do you do, you book a standard holiday package deal to a place you never imagined you would go to for pleasure. An hotel in one of those holiday resort villages, in this instance it’s called Costa Teguise situated on the Canary island called Lanzarote. To be honest, it was actually quite a nice place to be. You can walk a lot with a buggy. Hitting one restaurant or bar after another, and easily walk back to the hotel. Then you grab your gear and walk to the spot, which for this post it’s all about!

Last minute forecast
We did a last minute booking as the forecast was looking good. Wind, sun and maybe even waves. I had been on Lanzarote once before. Years ago, I drove there by car and got on to a ferry from Morocco, to Fuerte Ventura and on the way back hit Lanzarote. Back then it was all about windsurfing and figuring out where to go I actually never went to Costa Teguise, I totally drove past it.
Presentday, with time to move around being limited by the little one I Googled for a place where everything would be on one spot. I was actually surprised I missed out on this spot before. Actionphotos of this spot actually looked pretty good! And from what I could find out, people were also winging here.
From experience, last minute is the way to go to the Canaries islands in winters time. We got in touch with people that where there just before us, and for 2 weeks they had no wind. How different was that for us. We had wind every day! Even the days that shouldn’t have been windy, one could go out with a 5m wing. Most days this meant weather for small wings.

What gear to bring, or can you hire gear?
I choose to bring my own gear. I really wanted to try out some new gear and brought 2 boards, 2 wings and 2 foils with me. All packed in just a 5’1 travel wingbag from Mystic (32kg in total). The smallest wing I packed was a ENSIS 3.5 wing, and that prove to be quite large on most days. But it worked and for the low wind days I brought a 5m Ozone wasp. The board I really wanted to try was the new Jazz from Appletree Surfboards with 62,5L of volume, combined with the ART999 foil from AXIS Foils. This was a winner combination for this spot.
I found there were multiple locations at the spot where you could rent windsurf equipment from. One place also rented out wingsurf equipment. They had ENSIS wings and I think AXIS Foils. Just use Google to find this place I guess. Think they also come rescue you with a little boat when you are in trouble.

Wings everywhere!
This spot appeared to be an wingheaven for many. Lot’s of winging going on, besides windsurfing. On some moments there where more wingers then windsurfers on the water. And I have to say, this spot might better be for winging on most days! Like a lot of spots that starts with a bay, something blocks the wind. In a lot of cases this is a very large hotel, and for this spot this would be no different. So the first 100meter or so the wind prove to be mega gusty. Once past the bay towards the reefs the wind would be as it should be. With a wing these gust can be annoying to get started. Especially on small boards. I also brought a 44L board and that was a bit of a challenge because of it. Although besides a small beach brake on the sandy beach, it was very easy to get out there in relatively calm waters. Riding swell back in to the bay would be fine as you are already up on the foil. The gusty wind is annoying, but not a dealbraker.

The waves and reefs
The hardest part on a new spot is always to know how deep the water are everywhere. You don’t like to shred your foil on some rocks the first day, or any day for that matter. The bay itself was easy to predict. The reefs outside where a lot harder to read though. The spot has multiple reefs with waves braking at different sections. Some can be quite messy, some are quite far out, and some are more upwind. At first I mostly went for a wave that broke from time to time in the middle of the bay. Even when it did not break, it could be ridden really well with the foil. Sometimes all the way to the beach.
Going out further the water could get a bit messy around the breaking waves. Never really figured out if actually was deep enough here on a low tide. But in the end I never hit anything. I call it the middle section with messy waves and I found them not really good for riding. Much further out, waves were also breaking. Not where you go when you just get in to waves as they could get pretty big. But I had some awesome rides here, and sometimes from here all the way back to the beach.
There were also some guys going more upwind. I noticed some crazy jumps from a distance. This was probably in front of Playa de los Charcos. Not knowing them and not knowing where all the rocks where I never went there. In the end the wave in the middle of the bay prove to be a lot of fun most of the time!

For a week of joy on the water, and happy times with the family this a really nice destination. The restaurants and going out life is great! Only critical note that it is quite hard to find a good breakfast place that does not offer a “Full english breakfast”. (come on, its Spain, not the UK)
I know how the rest of the islands looks like. So if you can, do hire a car and explore some. We hired bicycles for a day and even noticed a guy with a wing slaloming around little fishing boats in the harbour. Sure this spot won’t be in any spot guide from wind or kitesurfing!
Much has changed though since my last wingcation to Costa Rica, this sport really has taken of big time!

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