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Review Ozone Wasp v2

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Took a long time before the new Ozone Wasp v2 arrived in the Netherlands. Happy that it arrived and just after went out for a quick session with a 5.0 on wind that was dropping to about 10 / 14 knots. I’m 85kg myself and was using a Axis foil with a 1010 frontwing + 87L Wave chaser board.

The new bag looks cool, with some army green color. It’s a one strap backpack with enough space. Although the Wasp v2 has windows, the backpack (and wing folded) is still small in comparison with some other brands that have windows in the wings. The windows also didn’t give the wing any noticeable extra weight. The windows worked nicely when up on the foil. Although when slogging around they don’t add any advantages. I did find the feel of the wing very light when doing so. Some wings give you a cramb holding it up. This one kept itself up really easy.
Pumping up the wing you will notice you will need to do this twice. It’s not a one pump system that most brands have. It’s a little disadvantage and advantage at the same time. Most one pump wings tend to deflate really bad. With this system deflating the wing goes really quick! But yes, getting on to the water take a little bit longer. Overall it saves time though. Also you can play with different pressure on both the leading edge as well as the center strut.

The handles feel really comfortable. There is some comfy padding around making them a bit thicker, but it feels nice. Also they feel sturdy. It has 1 front handle with a V-strap and 3 handles for the rear hand. First time out I was looking a bit for the best position of the rear hand. Especially going upwind. The wing does go upwind very well, maybe something to with grabbing the handle far out.

When I got the Wasp v1 I was really stoked about this wing. Coming from windsurfing I really liked the solid feel of this wing with all of it’s power! But it did feel pretty large, especially on the wave. The version 2 had been a real upgrade of the feeling. It still feels solid, but the feeling of the wing has become super light! Riding waves with this wing is a real pleasure. Although the wind was light, it was easy to get up and going with this wing. A light breeze will turn the power on and with short pumping strokes it made me go very quick.

This wing standard comes with a waist leash. This was actually the first time I was using a waist leash on my waist. I do use waist leashes, but always for my board. First impression it sucked as the leash got stuck between my knee and the board before going up. Once getting used to it more I did see the upside of this method. While a wrist leash can tangle around your own wrist, this doesn’t happen with this leash. But I did manage some other entanglements. Think the ultimate solution still has to be found there haha. For now I will stick to coiled leashes.

The verdict after one session. Beautiful, comfortable and perfect balanced riding wing. Perfect for those who seek a light wing with enough low end power and prefer windows. I will be testing the wing a bit more and adjust our review where needed.

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